The Bigger The Better - Turn Heads With Large Format Printing

Companies are always looking for creative and stimulating ways to display their products, services, sales promotions and more. Large-scale displays get noticed and turn heads when they are professionally designed and placed effectively in areas where the target market can be reached. So you're still trying to decide if large format printing is right for you and your business? Consider some of these advantages:

1. The word "LARGE" means that you have much greater space and thus more freedom to design and communicate your message and get it noticed. Remember to include a personal message or call to action in your design.

2. The larger your prints are, the more difficult it is to ignore them. Screaming headlines and tastefully bold colors will turn heads. They are easy to read and very easy to notice even with just a glance. Large format materials are specifically very effective when planning to target a huge area and not just an isolated one.

3. Large format materials can appeal to a very wide range of audiences. However, a direct mail program is somewhat limited. Large format marketing materials can target those who are not covered by the traditional mailing list.

4. You can display large format posters and banners anywhere you wish, indoor and outdoor. Large format printing is an excellent option for obtaining large photographic-quality images, courtroom graphics, tradeshow banners and graphics, outdoor banner display, presentations, research posters for medical and scientific presentations, in-store point-of-purchase displays, retail store displays, business or personal artwork display, event signs, promotional signage and more.

With large format posters and banners, you can create a big impact for your business, large or small. To discuss large format printing options with QPL, please contact our office at 978-256-1822.