Get Recognized 12 Months A Year

You've just returned to your office from a meeting where you've been given the task of completing some research for a project. You have to get some pricing from a vendor, but you've misplaced their business card with their telephone number. You're in luck! As you lift your head and look on your bulletin board, there is a calendar hanging there in front of you. Once again, your vendor is in the right place at the right time. The calendar is a product that works on it's own and builds your brand every time it is viewed.

Promotional calendars are a wonderful way to build your brand 12 months a year. This powerful marketing tool allows your customer to see your name every day. It is easy to access and viewed frequently, increasing name recognition and awareness with your audience. If you were to calculate the cost of this exposure, think of this. If your customer views your calendar twice per day, 250 days per year and the calendars cost $5 each to print, that would cost you a penny a look!

Here are five more reasons why you should consider calendar printing on your list of "must-have" marketing initiatives.

1. Calendars build customer loyalty. Customers love a gift they can use and look forward to receiving it every year. Studies show that 85% of promotional calendar users do business regularly with the company that supplied the calendar.

2. You can easily determine who receives your gift. Deliver them personally or mail them to your customer. Either way, you know exactly how many calendars to order and your gift is getting into the right hands.

3. Customers see calendars as a gift, not an advertisement. This gift is one your customer needs and wants.

4. Calendars offer your customer variety all year long. You can select a theme your customers will enjoy and a style that suits their lifestyle or business needs. There are many varieties to choose from; desk, wall, wallet/pocket, etc.

5. Calendars increase in value as the year goes on. The busier your customer gets, the more they will use the calendar to write down appointments, telephone numbers, birthdays, etc.

So this year, when you're thinking about a promotional gift for your customer that they will keep and use all year long, remember to consider a printed calendar.