Create A Motivating Work Environment

We want to create a motivating work environment. How is best to motivate our employees?

Every person is motivated. The challenge, however, is to create an environment in which people are motivated about their work priorities. Too often, companies fail to pay attention to the relations, communication, recognition and involvement issues that are most important to its employees.

The first step to creating a motivating work environment is to stop taking actions that are guaranteed to demotivate people and instead, take actions that will inspire them to work harder. Employers walk a fine line between meeting the needs of the organization and its customers and meeting the needs of its internal staff. If a company can do both well, it will thrive.

Consider the following:

Make only the minimum number of rules and policies needed to protect your organization legally and create order in the work place. Clearly communicate work place expectations and guidelines.

Publish the rules and policies and educate all employees.

Involve your employees with the identification of organizational values. Write a value statement and a professional code of conduct.

Solicit employee feedback on potential policies and areas in which policies are needed.

When a new policy is implemented, meet with employees and explain why the policy is necessary and why it was not enforced in the past. Explain that everyone is accountable for adhering to the new policy. People thrive in a work place in which all employees live by the same rules.

If you create an environment that is viewed as fair and consistent, you will open up a space in which people are focused on contribution and productive activities rather than gossip, unrest and unhappiness.